Our History

Complot Studio is the result of Argentinean owner and creative director Marcelo Rodriguez.  21 years ago as a child barely finishing elementary school, Marcelo decided that he wanted to  become a hair stylist, just as his two older brothers were. With enormous determination and  artistic drive. Marcelo spent his mornings at school and evenings at the family Beauty Salon,  where he easily transitioned in less than two years.

At the age of 13 Marcelo came out 5th  place in the category of Artistic Bridal Updo. The Rodriguez family opened, closed and  relocated several salons in a very short period of time, reason why Marcelo acquired a great  amount of experience at leading and managing in this industry as well. When he turned 17,  he was head stylist, managed 14 employee stylists and co-owned with his middle brother one of the most eligible salons in his home town Mar del Plata, Argentina.  Since his beginnings Marcelo was an innovator both creatively and as a young business man.

His limitless vision and personal goal to make a difference within the beauty salon industry were the key to his salon’s success……as it is today.  His continuous drive and vision brought him to Miami, FL.  Here he opened COMPLOT HAIR STUDIO & MEN’S LOUNGE…… one step closer to fulfilling his dream of creating a salon inspired by his own history: Dreams-reality-day to day experiences and the absolute addiction to hair and passion for transformation.